Energy & Technology

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Harness the Power of Energy and Technology

Our energy efficiency programs at AGB Services help you discover strategic opportunities to reduce ongoing operational costs and enhance your building envelope to perform to maximum potential. AGB Services is ready to work closely with you to explore more avenues and create additional income by optimizing your facility’s rooftop for solar panel installations and implement other technology-based solutions for improved cost savings, carbon footprint reduction, energy generation opportunities, energy upgrade incentives, and competitive tax credit programs that support your bottom line with the power of environmental energy and modern innovation.

Our Energy and Technology Services Cover:

  • Solar Power

  • Wind Turbine

  • Solar Water Pumps

  • Dairy Chiller Systems

  • LED Lighting

  • Demand and Response System

  • Energy Audits

  • Energy Assents

  • Program Development

  • Incentives and Energy Credit Strategies

  • Monitoring and Database Management

  • Surveillance & Security